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CAT Newsletter:  The Litter Box

CAT would like to thank Victoria Principal, Principal Secret and  Guthy-Renker for providing Christmas Gifts to  underprivileged teen and preteen girls.  The gift was more than we could have ever hoped for and was substantial.  No preteen or teen girl was excluded.  The product donation was the best part of Christmas this year.  Any left over product was further distributed to other underprivileged teen girls not in the foster care system and to teen girls in foster care outside of Genesee County.  This was the best Christmas that the teen girls have ever had.  Their response was overwhelming and heart-felt.  We cannot thank Victoria or her company enough for her generous product contribution to Christmas Hope 2006.  (Posted 02/18/2007)

CAT would like to thank Tayrn and the Zooloo Trading Company for their contribution of cases of new children's clothing.  (Posted 01/11/2009)

CAT would like to thank HYPERION PUBLISHERS for their kind gift of children’s books.  (Updated 02/18/2007)

CAT would like to thank PROJECT LINUS and their affiliates for providing baby blankets and quilts provided since 2004.  In 2008,   PROJECT LINUS continues to provide high-quality baby blankets and quilts for children from birth to age 18 who are in the foster care system. (Updated  01/11/2014)  

CAT applied for a grant of children’s books for foster children in Genesee County. CAT would like to thank the MICHIGAN FRIENDS OF EDUCATION for the children’s books which the organization provided to CAT for distribution to children in the foster care system  in Genesee County. With the help of th Department of Human Services,  $58,000  worth of children’s books were distributed.  CAT would also like to thank CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF GENESEE AND SHIAWASSEE COUNTIES for storing, sorting and assisting in the distribution of the children’s books. The books were distributed to Children in Foster Homes and Relative Placements as well as to Genesee County Juvenile Probation.  Thanks to the MICHIGAN FRIENDS OF EDUCATION, Chldren in the foster care system recieved some $50,000 worth of children's books in 2007.    Unfortunately, this program has been slated to end.  This was a very valuable and necessary resource for children and families in need.  Should you like to see this program continue, please contact your legislator and let him or her now how much this program means to the children and families in Genesee County.  (Updated 04/01/2009)

These projects were made possible by Corporate Grants as well as by DONATIONS.