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CAT Newsletter:  The Litter Box


If you are an AWOL Youth, please call your lawyer at 810-238-5425. You will be asked your name, contact information and your current circumstances and living arrangements. Please remember that all communications between you and your lawyer are protected by the attorney-client privilege and, thus, your lawyer may not disclose what you tell your lawyer. Please call today. You will be given emergency numbers at which you should be able to contact your lawyer after normal business hours. As your lawyers, we want to know how you are. There is no pressure. We are concerned for your health, safety and welfare. Living on the streets is dangerous and, unfortunately, has proven so for others in your situation. We will listen to you. We will not assist you in staying on the streets. However, we will tell you the status of your case, where you can get help you may need and what your options are. We will not "turn you in". However, we may  be able to assist you in coming in if you do decide to come in off the streets.  You may also call one of the attorneys cell at 810-813-5871 and leave your name and a contact telephone number on the voicemail. Again, your lawyers do want to help and may be able to help you - but not if you do not call. Please call today. If nothing else, at least let us know that you are okay. Your lawyers do care and they will listen. If you are not an AWOL teen but know an AWOL teen, please give them this info.

The Child Advocacy Team, Lawyers-Guardian Ad Litem


Community Involvement

CAT Volunteer Services's WEE CARE TOTE project provides tote bags filled with age-appropriate items to children in foster care.  Our volunteers are in need of  toiletries, personal hygiene items, a journal or spiral notebook and pen for older children.  Infant totes contain bibs, burp cloths, bottles, a washcloth, a onesie, wipes, a pacifier, a changing pad and any baby care items that we have on hand.    (Updated  06/16/2014)

PROJECT LINUS of Flushing continues to provide quilts and receiving blankets to children in need.  Thank-you Pam and thank your ladies as well. (Updated 03/17/2014)

GEAR UP FOR SCHOOL 2014  is now underway.  Backpacks and school supplies for underprivileged and at-risk children, including children in the foster care system. are  being collected for distribution.   (Updated 06/16/2014)

PROJECT PREEMIE .  Project Preemie delivers gifts to preemies in NICU and to newborns at Hurley Medical Center during the week of Christmas.  CAT is getting ready for Project Preemie 2011 .  (Updated 06/16/2014)


July 2014.  School Supplies.

August 2014. School Supplies.

September 2014.  Socks and Personal Hygiene Items (soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothbrushes and toothpaste).

October 2014:     Pacifiers and washcloths. All baby items are greatly appreciated.

November 2014: Christmas Gifts for children in foster care.

December 2014:   Stocking stuffers for children in foster care.


Community Support

CAT continues to collect and distribute new clothing, quilts, blankets, toys, books, furniture, personal care items and equipment to needy children and families in Genesee County regardless of whether or not their families are involved in the legal system. CAT would like to thank the following persons  and companies for their kind gifts time, services as well as new clothing, bedding, toys, books, furniture and other items which were distributed by CAT to children and families in need in Genesee County in 2010:  

Jay Clothier ;

Ely Gan, Smug Baby;

MI Friends of Education;

Karen Bunker;

Pam Baden and Family;

Terina & Gary Carte and Family;

Rande Wright;

Teresa Holifeld;

Theresa Haruska;

Kraig Sippell and Family;

Barb Haruska;

Mary Stewart, Flint Schools;

Project Linus;

Genesee County Bar Association


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